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Satisfied Clients

Michigan Water Environment Association

Jerry Harte - Executive Director

“We used to have a newsletter... but now Kelman & Associates has been producing our ‘eye-popping’ MAGAZINE for the last 6+ years. We feel it has raised our image immensely and we receive loads of positive feedback. They are professional, responsive – just a joy to work with. They took a huge load off our backs and turned it into an asset. Their layout vision and skills are remarkable. We now use them for all of our full-color printing. Our only regret is that we didn't find them sooner. Contact me anytime for a reference (if you need more).”

Manitoba Trucking Association

Terry Shaw - Executive Director

“The Manitoba Trucking Association has had the pleasure of a long-term, mutually-beneficial relationship with Craig Kelman and Associates. During our relationship, they have effectively addressed our publishing needs in a timely manner. Their management of our publications has provided our association with products that we are proud to distribute and that reflect on our association very positively. Their timely reaction to our needs, including any last minute needs, has demonstrated their commitment to our association.”


Denturist Association of Canada 


Mallory Potter - Executive Director

The Denturist Association of Canada has had an excellent publishing partnership with Craig Kelman & Associates for almost 25 years.For more than two decades, we have teamed together to successfully publish more than 90 issues of our Denturism Canada magazine and 22 editions of ourMember & Source Guide, both of which continue to see growth and notoriety in our respective industry. We are thankful for the ease of this working relationship and the trust that comes along with such a relationship knowing that no project, article or publication details will fall through the cracks. We would not hesitate to recommend Craig Kelman & Associates to our colleagues and believe our publications speak for themselves in what Craig Kelman & Associates can do for you!"

Western Canada Water

W. H. Brant - Former President & Chair, W C Water Editorial Committee

“As the founding Chair of the Western Canada Water Editorial Committee, as well as being a former President of the Association, it has been my distinct pleasure to have worked with the publishing team at Craig Kelman & Associates for the past 14 years. The process of negotiating with the Kelman team for three successive publishing contracts has gone very smoothly, and we look forward to initiating our fourth five-year term later in 2015. The Kelman team has consistently strived to make every quarterly magazine issue and our annual Directory, the best that they can be. We value the long-term relationships with individual Kelman staff as being key to our success. While the excellent quality of service and the final product are of great importance to our 5,000 members/readers, the financial returns to our not-for-profit association have also been substantial. We are proud that, together, we have developed an excellent publication which other regional water associations have been emulating. Without reservation, I recommend the services of Craig Kelman & Associates to any organization considering a publishing contract.”

Pacific Northwest Section - AWWA

Chris Uber - former Chair

“When our Section was considering changing from our self-published newsletter to a Kelman & Associates publication it was a big step. We took the step and it was one of the best moves we ever made. We are generating income, reaching our audience and have a high quality magazine as the public face of our organization.”

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