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Craig Kelman & Associates helps achieve its clients communication goals by providing new ideas and a fresh perspective with our professional services. Our mission is to collaborate and partner with our clients to provide the distinction and excellence you require in your publications with the superior customer service you deserve.

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Project Consultation

Experienced in all aspects of the publishing process, our team of professionals will work with you to create a publication that successfully meets your specific financial and communication objectives.

Publication Management

From planning, editorial and advertising sales through design, printing and distribution, our staff will ensure that the entire publishing process from start to finish is managed and completed as efficiently as possible.

Advertising Sales

With a dedicated group of highly motivated sales professionals, we will work efficiently, creatively and tenaciously to ensure that advertising sales revenues reach their full potential and your organization’s financial objectives are achieved.


Our seasoned, professional writers/editors will gain the necessary insight in your particular field to write, gather and edit informative, topical and timely content that meets your communication goals.

Graphic Design & Layout

Our creative and talented team of graphic designers will use their publication experience and state-of-the-art computer software to design and produce visually appealing, high-impact, easy-to-read publications that will create the image you desire.


Whether utilizing attention getting images from our vast library of stock photos or the talents of professional photographers on site, we offer the high quality images that enhance the communication messages and the visual appeal of your publication.


Your publication will be produced using the most current printing equipment and technology processes available today to ensure that the finished product is the highest quality possible.


Once your publication has been produced, we will ensure that delivery of every issue is completed in the most efficient, timely and cost-effective manner to your chosen audience.

Electronic Media

With print and electronic communication operating hand-in-hand more than ever before, we are more than happy to advise you that all of our publications are available online in a highly interactive format. A user-friendly, interactive Media Rich PDF format that includes:

  • Active hyper-links to all websites and e-mails contained in the publication
  • Active links to the specific stories from the front cover and contents page
  • Active links to advertiser websites from their ads

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